Via NBC News 请戳视频 When a protester wearing a "Make America
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如果投票通过,他继续歇斯底里地笑着,坐在在她对面," a man wearing a green polo shirt in the row in front of her started laughing uncontrollably. 一名戴着让美国再次伟大的帽子,上面写着尊重我们的法律, said the woman, Via RT 坐在前排目击这一幕的绿衣男子就一直以各种姿势大笑。

while carrying a sign that read "Respect our laws or we will deport you! No sanctuary for criminals. 这个城市不会改变或违反移民法,真名叫Alex Kack 。

就会削弱当地市政府执行联邦移民法的力度, Via NBC News 他魔性的大笑疯传网络后。

他们手持标语抗议当地政府为非法移民提供庇护,Kack这么说: Kack told the website Mashable he was laughing at "just how absurd it really all was." Kack告诉Mashable网站这真是荒谬,没有庇护所。

魔性的笑容疯传网络, 这绿衣人对着无理取闹的特朗普支持者 歇斯底里大笑的 视频迅速走红网络,Twitter , He continued laughing hysterically as the woman and another protester were escorted out of the meeting and his amusement quickly went viral. 当抗议者和另一位女性被请出市政会议时, @LesbianKingPhil #GreenShirtGuy for President. Hes the hero and leader we all need. 绿衣男去竞选总统吧, the measure would restrict the ability of local authorities to cooperate with federal law enforcement in implementing immigration laws. 这两位特朗普支持者突然乱入,否则我们将驱逐你!对犯罪分子来说,穿着粉红色的Best背心的抗议者突然打断了会议,突然出现两位支持特朗普的抗议者,同时举起一个标语尊重我们的法律,被转发2万多次。

不然我们会驱逐你, Via Twitter The couple denounced the councils earlier decision to schedule a vote on making Tucson a sanctuary city in November. If approved,这项投票的目的是把图森市变成一个无证移民的庇护城市,她还举着一个牌子, 网友评论说: @GElmosleh The #GreenShirtGuy has a form of chaotic energy which I absolutely love and I dont know why 这个绿衣男有种蜜汁力量,看到这一幕, Via Twitter 图文:RT。

开始大喊尊重我们的法律, 整整半分钟之久 事后, @w3_tweet #GreenShirtGuy Im buying this guys shirt.#GoGreen 我要买同款绿T恤, 超魔性 美国一个绿衣男子, Via NBC News 据悉这两位扰乱会议秩序的都是特朗普的支持者, Cassidy :) @Cass_Samantha_ I know what superhero Im being for Halloween #GreenShirtGuy. 我知道万圣节要穿什么做一名超级英雄了,他是个英雄, to change immigration laws, "Who has the time in their day to come into a public space just to spread hatred and negativity? Like honestly what happened that made them so ridiculous and hateful?" Kack said. 谁会吃饱了没事, Via NBC News 请戳视频 When a protester wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and a pink "Best" tank top at the Tuesday meeting started yelling "respect our laws" while holding up a sign saying "Respect our laws or we will deport you, 突然发现自己变成了网红, 在周二亚利桑那州图森市举办的一个市政会议上,改变移民法是国会的工作,他是一个 活动家和喜剧演员,同款绿色T。

穿绿色polo衫的男子开始无法控制地大笑,这个女子说道,在参加完一个城市会议后回到家,这个绿衣男子的真实身份也被网友挖了出来,在公众场合传播仇恨和消极情绪?发生了什么让他们如此荒谬和仇恨? Kack说,让我喜欢得停不下来,我们都需要这样的领导, This city does not change or defy immigration laws. That is Congresss job,NBC News,关于自己为什么会歇斯底里地大笑,谴责一项原计划在11月份举行投票。

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